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Watch Him Die – Attempting Heroic Acheivements November 20, 2009

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So last week I went into H-Azjol-Nerub as a PUG just trying to complete the Daily Heroic quest for the day.  Gotta get those two emblems of Triumph right?  We had a Shammy healer, Myself (Prot Pally Tank), A Warlock, Hunter, and Feral Druid as DPS.  I have been trying to get the Glory of the Hero acheivments for awhile now, and I always ask groups before hand if they want to try for em, and I suggest that you do this as well.  Again – courtesy goes a long way in WoW.  The only achievement that I didn’t have for H-AN was Watch Him Die. When I asked the group if they wanted to try – they were all enthusiastic.

I had never attempted this one before, and I hadn’t even looked up a strategy on how to accomplish the achievement. But I ran in full force w/ my Tier 9/Onyxia gear – confident that we could get this achievement. Let’s just say I was a little overconfident – not fully, but a little. Our first attempt was basically just trying to Tank n’ Spank him down w/ no real strategy. We wiped. The next few times we tried to take down the caster spiders without killing the watchers. We wiped. All said I believe we wiped about 8 or 9 times – on the first boss. On our last try we decided that we would make it just a straight DPS burn – throw everything we had at him.  SUCCESS! And we wiped right after the boss went down. LOL.


So here’s a few things to take away from that experience.

1. Most PUG’s won’t be patient enough to wipe time and time again just for an acheivement.  Try and work them in accordingly and realize that most people in Heroics are only there for the badges and gear.  After this experience I offered 50 gold to each of my group members to help w/ their repair costs.

2. Don’t be afraid to try someone else’s strategy – Just because something has worked one way for you before doesn’t mean that is the only way it will work.  I had to be willing to try out other strategies for this achievement, because the one I tried first was a complete disaster.

3. Don’t get so fixated on an achievement that your run becomes a failure.  This is doubly true if you are already saved to an instance.  I was extremely lucky that everyone in my group was well geared and wanted this achievement.  This will not always be the case.

4. Remember to have fun – just because you are with a group of people that you’ve never played with before doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.  Trying for this acheivement was a blast!  I hadn’t had that much fun wiping in quite awhile.


A little about Matt and Random PUG’s November 13, 2009

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Welcome to the Random PUG Blog.  Here I will espouse the virtues of the Random Pick Up Group in World of Warcraft.  My first post to follow will cover trying for those Glory of the Hero achievements in PUG’s.

First a little about myself. – My main character’s name is Matteaus or Matt in short. I am a Protection Paladin on the Kilrogg – US server.  While I do run many instances w/ my guild – Defenders of the Horde – We are not a hardcore raiding guild.  In fact we took our first trip as a guild into Naxx10 last week, and downed the Construct as well as the Arachnid quarters.  While for some of you this may not mean much, I was very proud of how our guild did, w/ only a couple of wipes.

My guild asside, I find that to experience much of the endgame content I am forced to spend a great deal of time in PUG’s.  There was a short stint where I joined another guild to raid Uld10, but once the ToC came out they were hit w/ the drama llama and our regular group split.  So I am once again forced to PUG almost everything I do.  While I’ve been asked to apply to a couple of raiding guilds, I do not have the time to commit to more than one or two raids a week (other than the short 1 boss encounters such as Onyxia/Obsidian Sanctum/Eye of Eternity).

So when not working on leveling Alts – of which I have found new joy in my Hunter and my Mage – the time spent on Matteaus is either farming for Ore/Fish Feast mats, running Heroics w/ my guild, or joining those Random PUGS that most players seem to loathe.  I myself have cultivated quite a friends list and have had some very fun times in PUG’s.  I have also had some nightmarish experiences w/ undergeared and unknowledgable players.

So here’s my mission – to educate the masses as to how to succeed or at least have fun trying to PUG their way through Azeroth and Outland.